3 Hair Tips for the Lazy Natural

Washing and deep conditioning your hair every week is a bit too much for some naturals and that's okay! Some of us have crazy schedules or just do not feel like struggling with our hair every week. After working, doing schoolwork, and taking care of kids and the household, you are completely exhausted. No one wants to add on further stress with even the thought of doing their hair. If the easier route with your hair is always your go to, you may be what is a considered a "lazy natural".

Being a lazy natural doesn't mean that you do not take care of your tresses. It simply means that you maintain your hair in more simplistic ways. This can actually work in your favor. Less styling means less manipulation. Less manipulation means less breakage, helping you with length retention!

Even with being a lazy natural, moisture will be important with your hair care. Keeping the hair tucked with protective styles will be a major key for you.

Here are 3 Hair tips that you can try out to help maintain your tresses:

Protective Style then Hair Treatment

Having your hair in a protective style that lasts for weeks will allow you the capability to schedule out time for your hair treatments while keeping your hair protected from everyday wear and tear. Tucked away hair also keeps in moisture longer than hair that is exposed to the air and elements. After taking the protective style out, give your hair some love with a hair treatment. Do not forget to allow your hair a break in between styles!

Misting & Sealing

Moisture will always be key in maintaining healthy hair and scalp. Sometimes while in protective styles, the scalp can get dry easily, especially if exposed to the air constantly. Misting the roots of your hair and the scalp will help keep dandruff at bay and the itchy feeling away. Follow it up with an oil to seal the moisture in. Our Aloe Mists and Oil Elixirs are a great duo for this.

Butter it up

With putting your hair into a protective style, you want to use stylers that will effectively seal in the moisture. Hair butters are awesome at doing this and can make styling easier. Hair butters are most productive at sealing right after moisture is applied to the hair or after washing. Moisture can lasts for weeks when applied correctly. Our Whipped Mango Butter is our favorite go to for this.

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