5 Healthy habits for length retention

Does your goals for the new year include growing healthy hair with some length? Or does your hair get to a certain length and just seems to stay there? Stay tuned to this blog because throughout the new year we are going to give you special tips on how to grow those locs and tresses. For now, let's start with focusing on length retention.

Length retention is the preventative care given to hair to reduce split ends and excessive breakage. Hair naturally grows at a rate of 1/2 an inch per month. When you aren't seeing growth, often times the hair is being broken off at a faster rate than it grows. As you can see, length retention is a major key into growing healthy, long hair.

Here are some healthy habits you can get started on to help reduce the breakage and retain the length:

1. Deep Condition regularly.

We are often taught that natural curls and kinks are the roughest type of hair. In fact, the tighter the curl, the more fragile and prone to breakage it is. Deep conditioning regularly offers the hair moisture. Keeping the hair moisturized greatly reduces breakage, tangles, and those pesky "fairy" or single strand knots.

2. Wear a satin bonnet or scarf

If you have some serious split ends, wear the bonnet! A satin bonnet or scarf is a life saver for the hair when it comes to preventing split ends and dryness. The friction between the hair and the pillow causes the breakage and zaps the moisture from your hair. Not wearing a bonnet or scarf can also lead to thinning ! Save your hair and invest in a satin bonnet or scarf.

3. Reduce the heat

The less heat on your hair, the better! A lot of naturals love using heat to straighten their thick hair. It allows for easy detangling, less fairy knots, and can also help with reducing breakage. However, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing. Too much heat can cause some serious damage to the cuticles of your hair shaft, allowing moisture to easily escape the hair and cause split ends and breakage. It also can kill your curl pattern. YIKES! Take the preventative step and reduce the heat. Whenever you do apply heat to your hair, make sure you are also applying a heat protectant serum.

4. Bring on the oils!

When it comes to growing your hair, oils are it! For retaining your length, investing in a good hair oil is necessary. Just like you take a daily vitamin to ensure that your body receives the proper nutrients for your health, oils ensure the same for your hair and scalp. Oil provides the nourishment your scalp needs to feed your hair follicles to grow healthy, strong hair. Stronger hair= less breakage! If you're in the market for a great oil, our elixirs do not disappoint. They are specially formulated to provide all essential nutrients to the hair and scalp for noticeable healthy hair growth.

5. Safe detangling

If you've been a natural for a while, you already know it is important to detangle your hair while it is wet. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that this is still a safe, less stressful way for your tresses. If you are a victim to handfuls of hair coming out each time you brush through your tresses, it can be due to rough detangling. Rough detangling can cause breakage and hair loss. For safer measures, try finger detangling with a product that has slip or while in the shower. Try using our African Black Shampoo for the ultimate detangling experience or try applying our Organic Whipped Mango Butter onto wet hair for a nice slip.

Always remember that consistency with your routine will produce great results. Remain patient and kind to your hair. Feed it with a well-balanced diet and great products!

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