Facing the dry ass hair!

Let's be realistic here. I am a hair braider, student, mother of three, and a wife. I barely have time for self-care. That makes me a lazy natural by default. One thing with being a lazy natural that always seems to happen is the dry ass hair! I hate to keep moisturizing my hair almost every single day and manipulating it into a style. Majority of the time if my hair is not in a protective style, it is pulled up into a puff or two strand twists.

I always take care of everyone else's hair but my own. I have had to remind myself several times to take the time out to take care of me. Especially with this pandemic thing going on, I thought I would be able to have all the time in the world for self care. EHHHH! No! These kids think it's party time 24/7! (They eat so much I'm so tired of cooking!!) Thankfully, I've learned the magic of time management and finally have learned to PRIORITIZE myself instead of drowning in mom and wifely duties.

Point is, I know I'm not the only one who has been suffering here! When you feel overwhelmed the last thing you think of is self-care. Sometimes that is the best thing for you in order to feel refreshed and ready to conquer whatever challenges you may be facing. One big challenge us naturals have is learning what is best to moisturize our hair and to keep it that way!

I've learned that the best thing for natural hair are oils and butters. They seal in moisture in the hair. Our scalp produces oil on its own but because of how coily natural hair is, the oils have a hard time coating all of the hair strand. Adding in oils that are similar to our own natural serebum, such as jojoba, grapeseed, or argan which are great hydrating light oils. If you find that your hair needs thicker oils, try Jamaican Black castor oil or hemp oil. Great sealants to keep your hair moisturized for days are butters. My favorite right now is the mango butter as it is super absorbent and hydrating.

The best moisture for naturals, is water! If you got to have something else in there, aloe vera! The best time to apply oil and butter is when the hair is damp or wet. Then you can apply whatever gel you may want.



The shampoos that large companies market are TERRIBLE! They actually strip your hair of the natural oils that it needs it order to protect and hydrate hair strands. I urge every natural to look at the ingredients that their hair products contain. If it says something along the lines of DMDM, Polyquaterniums, Sodium Laureth, and other things that you just don't know, LEAVE IT ALONE! These actually can be the cause of why your hair is dry and dull. While your using these shampoos to wash away buildup, the shampoo is actually leaving some buildup of its own, causing a film over hair strands. This makes it hard for moisture and oils to penetrate the hair, causing it to just sit and make your hair heavy. The film created from the shampoo later makes the hair look dull and then your repeating a wash and building another layer of film on top of your hair. Be careful with conditioners as well because they can have these same chemicals in them.

Instead of the shampoos and conditioners, a lot of naturals have converted to handmade soaps, detoxifying clays, or just not using shampoo at all. Handmade soaps are simple with more moisturizing ingredients and aren't as harsh as brand shampoos. Detoxifying clays cleanses the hair and scalp all while defining curl patterns and taming frizz. Surprisingly, oils are cleansing as well. Majority of them contain antioxidants and antifungal properties. Some naturals oil their hair from root to tip and then give it a good rinse!

I can go on and on about hair but that's what this blog is for. Stay tuned for more.

I hope you all gained some knowledge about your natural hair. Now I'm going to stop being a lazy natural and use some of my own products to take care of this dry ass hair!

Hair Love

Nia Surles—Owner

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