As a naturalista, it is very difficult to find the right product for my hair. I got tired of the same promises from commercialized products offering healthy hair, when they would only leave my hair absolutely dry. The more I researched these products that were supposed to be for my natural hair, the more I saw chemicals and ingredients that weren’t good for my hair or body. I stopped relaxing my hair for this issue, yet I did not realize I was still putting bad chemicals in my hair that would have negative effects on my body.

I started producing my own products and immediately saw the difference. My hair no longer has a dull look to it. It is full, healthy, and thick. My hair texture is more defined because my hair now retains moisture. Using natural products is the only thing that has worked for my natural hair. That's why I want to share my findings and products with other naturals that have had the same issues that I've had.

If you try my products, let me know your results. Happy Growing!

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