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Hey guys! I wanted to introduce you all to a hair care line that I established for the naturals that love their products without chemicals. I noticed that with large scale companies, the natural hair care products (including shampoo and conditioner) are still filled with chemicals. This makes it hard for the hair to absorb moisture which makes it hard and brittle.

With using all natural products I noticed the change in my hair and it thrives! It became a lot stronger, healthier, and shiny. I was able to maintain my growth and had less shedding. My products actually absorbed into the hair instead of sitting on it and creating an impenetrable film. I know everyone doesn’t read ingredients on the products, they just want to know if it works for their hair. I’m telling you guys it’s important to know what’s in each product because you are absorbing that into your body. Just because the relaxer is ditched does not mean you are free from worries. Infertility and other problems can arise from using these products with chemicals.

I aim to provide women with the option of really being chemical free and growing their hair naturally. Hopefully this changes industry!

Hair Love

-Nia Surles

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