Vonaé uses raw, exotic ingredients that are study proven to benefit the hair & scalp. No cheap fillers here! Get an experience unlike no other with high quality ingredients from places like Ghana, Brazil, India, and Canada (for the amazing hemp oil).  Your hair is natural, so pamper it with all natural!

Strengthen.Nourish. Grow.

Need help with retaining moisture & a boost in hair growth? achieve the results with this hair growth kit.

Each product is rich in minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids that your hair needs. The African Black Shampoo thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp, without stripping them of moisture. The Mango Butter immediately softens the hair and leaves it smooth and shiny. The Oil Elixir contains study proven oils and extracts that stimulate hair growth. This oil is immediately absorbed into the hair and scalp, treating skin issues and conditioning the hair.

Experience easy detangling, less shedding, faster hair growth, soft hair, intense hydration, and moisture for days! 

Everything your hair needs is right here! Grab yours today.

Bye Inflammation.

Hello Growth.

SAY GOODBYE TO scalp inflammation & breakage AND HELLO TO long, healthy hair WITH OUR OIL ELIXIRS.

There are over 15 Powerful herbs and oils within these elixirs that stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to promote GROWTH & thick, healthy HAIR. IMMEDIATELY SEE RESULTS OF SOFTER HAIR, A HEALTHIER SCALP, ANd GROWTH WITHIN THE FIRST 7 DAYS.


Grab A Hair Kit

What our customers have to say

I got jacked for my African black soap so I’ll be making another purchase but I absolutely love these products from

Vonaé!  I’ve only been using the mango butter for a couple of days but I can tell my locs are becoming more moisturized. Definitely a good product to add with my serum since I dont do much to my hair will be ordering more in the future #shopblackowned #support

- ashly a.

The African Shampoo is a must! My scalp is less itchy and less flaky and that wash after the first wash I noticed. Cause the itch was real! My hair did not feel squeaky dry after shampoo it felt moisturized.

- toni d.

I just love this product!!! I've used the shampoo which left my hair very soft and easy to detangle, even hours after washing. it cleans wonderfully without making my hard and dry. The Mango butter and Oil elixir added even more softness and shine!!! This is the beginning of a healthier hair routine. Thank you Vonae' !!!!! 

- michelle h.

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